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About the owner/operator:

Anastasia Wood

    I am a graduate of CHS, PVCC, and the McIntire School of Commerce UVA. Member of the Middle Atlantic Section of the International Municipal Signal Association.

Certified in OSHA 10, Aerial Lift, VDOT Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control, VDOT Recordkeeping, Traffic Signal Tech. Level I, Roadway Lighting Specialist Level II.

    I am very passionate about my work and crazy about my bucket truck.

    My occupation was inspired by my grandfather Buck (Edwin Lee Sloan). When he was young he used to be a meter reader for a power company in West Virginia. During WWII he was involved in wiring of the battleship Wisconsin. He owned and operated Williamson Electric in Williamson, WV. Grandpa Buck was an electrical engineer, a master electrician, and a vocational school principal. He always taught me that in business there are three important words - honesty, courtesy, and dependability.

    I am also a green building, renewable energy, and recycling enthusiast. Sandpiper Services supports Virginia's commitment to pollution prevention. I recycle our fluorescent, HID and other bulbs as well as other materials. I urge other companies and individuals to do the same. It is not only the right thing to do but it is actually a law. To find out more about it please click on the poster on the right. This website includes a list of Lamp Recycling Vendors in Virginia. Check with RSWA for the next commercial hazardous waste collection date in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.

    I use NAPA parts and other supplies to maintain my trucks. From spark plugs to hydraulic fluid and hoses - NAPA keeps us running.

    Most of the lighting supplies we buy at the Capital Lighting up on Hunters Way. Despite the fact that this location is not the most convenient for Sandpiper Services' jobs - knowledgeable and friendly sales associates as well as fair prices are worth the drive.

    I have a strong belief that there is no place for drugs and alcohol in the workplace. I do not wish to do business with contractors and other individuals not sharing the same belief.

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